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A few more JW pictures

Friday, March 14, 2008

Here are a few more pictures from John Watson's first day:

John Watson meets the original Watson. Grandpa is as proud as they come.

Pops looks over his long, tall boy.

Mary Evelyne gets her first look, and its love at first sight.

Maggie B wants to love on her Bubby.

The big sisters perfrom a thorough inspection.

Mary E finally gets to hold her Bubby.

Maggie B wants a turn.

John Watson cuddles with his Aunt Bussie.

10 comments to A few more JW pictures:

Micah & Shireen said...

Katie, you look great!!! He is a precious BIG boy. It looks like the girls are loving him. I love that we can keep up with friends lives even this far away. Hope all is well.

Chip said...

Congrats guys, but just know that Bubby is already taken. When I ask Chaz what his name is, I either get "Chazzy" or "Bubby." It was a combination of Bubba and Buddy. (And of course, a 2-year-old's version of "Brother.")

Hope you all get some rest and enjoy the weeks ahead, and that JW takes to sleeping!

Adele said...

I love how everyone hopped in the bed with you. He is such a cutie! By the way, you look fabulous...did you really just have a baby!?

charlie&gracie said...

Congrats on that sweet boy!! He's precious! Y'all are going to love having a "bubby" in your house! We sure love ours! :) Can't wait to meet him!

Writeaway said...

Katie - you look like a model. I can't believe you just had a baby in these pictures! Love the picture of John Watson with the Judge! And Daniel - what a darling family. You are BLESSED (but still outnumbered).

The Shepards said...

I just noticed what was on JW's cap in the photo with big Watson. GO DAWGS!

The Elliott's Adventures said...

alright, friends. i know you're tired and exhausted, but i wanna see some new pics:)

Katherine said...

Okay, I can't imagine what life would be like with 3 little ones, but you've gotta have more pics since Day 1. Maybe, we'll just show up at your doorstep one day so we can see what the little guy looks like now.

The Elliott's Adventures said...

luckily it didn't affect our oven or refridgerator (sp?)..our kitchen re-model, in case you're confused:)
but we did get really sick of having to eat in the den and wash dishes in the laundry room..ugh!

Chava said...

Good for people to know.