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The Prima Ballerina

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mary Evelyne has been taking ballet/tap class one night a week with other 3-4 year olds at Marietta First Methodist where she goes to pre-school. She had a Christmas Party/Mini-recital last Tuesday and mom, dad, Mama, and lil sis all came to watch.

Lots of Mary E's favorite friends are in her class, including :


Schuyler (on the left),

Mary Cobb,

and her second cousin Georgeanne.

(Group Hug)

It is pretty hilarious to see all those little gals running around in circles before class starts and wondering how the teachers ever get them to focus. But as you will see in the video, they do a good job of keeping the girls engaged and having fun.

Every time Mary Evelyne would hear Silent Night over the last few weeks, she would reveal little bits and pieces of her Christmas dance. We were so happy to finally see the full performance and those precious little ballerinas did not disappoint.

But the best part of the whole night was after the performance and the gift exchange when the teachers let the girls go get some snacks and go talk to their family and friends. They turned the music back on while all that was going on and when Silent Night started playing Mary Evelyne went out and did a completely unprompted solo performance. I'm thinking our little ballerina will be playing Clara in the Nutcracker before too long:

Birthday Cake and Bouncing Zebras

Friday, December 14, 2007
Maggie Beth turned 1 on Nov. 29, and a couple of days later we celebrated at our house with family and friends. The biggest hits of the day as far as Maggie B was concerned were 1) her own little birthday cake, 2) the bouncy zebra. Both feature prominently in the video (one caveat, something on my computer is making the videos really choppy when I upload them, sorry for the annoyance). Enjoy:

Trick or Treat (a little late)

It's only 11 days 'til Christmas and we're just now posting stuff from Halloween. That's pretty sad.

Maggie Beth couldn't really eat any candy, but, as you can see, that didn't stop her from being the cutest Mickey Mouse you've ever seen in your life.

Cinderella, meanwhile, could not locate one of her glass slippers (she must have lost it on the palace steps) so we had to use some old ones that didn't fit her very well. This caused some problems later, including Mary E not being able to spin very well with her buddy Zoe and not wanting to get out of the wagon to walk up to the houses because her feet hurt. After a few houses we decided she was going to end up with zero candy or blistered feet unless she switched to something more comfortable. So for most of the night, our Cinderella was actually sporting pink Crocs.

As you will see in the video, Maggie B would go into a trance everytime her Mickey costume got pulled over her ears, but we were able to fix that and she had a pretty fun night. Cinderella got lots of candy (especially her favorite, "Reece" cups) and most importantly, she got to see three of her best buddies, Zoe, Schuyler and Tasha (who you will see running and screaming down the street with Mary Evelyne at the end of the clip).