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John Watson's Dedication Video

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Due to technical difficulties it has been a while since I've been able to upload videos. Now that I finally got Vista talking to my Sony I'll hopefully be uploading more often.

I thought this was a good one to start with, granted it's two months old, but it was a good day.

White family mini-post

Monday, September 15, 2008
Ok, so obviously it goes without saying that we're a little slow with the blog updates these days. Here is a mini-post covering the last month or so. And yes, I realize I still need to go back and cover June and July.
The White kids are ready to hunker down for the Dawgs this fall (or in this case for some free Chick-fil-a chicken strips on Labor Day).
Dad and JW hanging out in front of what is clearly the coolest balloon at the Callaway Gardens hot air balloon expo.

Mary E is ready for her first day of 4 year old preschool.

Maggie B (and Dora) also are excited to start schoool.

Hopefully I'll have time to upload some more photos and a few videos soon. Until then just imagine what your life would be like with a 4 year old princess, a 21 month old clown, and a 6 month old who is one laid back little dude, and you'll have a good idea what our life is like right now.

Spring in review

Friday, May 30, 2008
Ok, so its been quite a while since we've updated the blog. But as you can imagine things are pretty darn busy around the White House these days. Here's a pictorial review of what the Whites have been up to since the last post on March 14:

Stonebridge Easter Egg hunt at Laurel Park.

Maggie Beth is not so interested in hunting for eggs.

Maggie B in her handmade Easter bonnet.

Silly girl Easter parade.

Easter morning picture in matching bunny outfits (John Watson is not so thrilled about this).

The closest semblance to a family picture we could manage on Easter.

Maggie B shows a little leg (actually a lot of cute chunky leg).

Princess sisters...as prissy as they want to be.

John Watson visits with Grandpa and Uncle Frank.

That's about as compact as 26 inches of baby can curl up.

Mary E swinging Pitfall style at a gymnsastics birthday party for her buddy Reagan.

Maggie B gets into the action on the parallel bars (she stuck the dismount).


Nap time for the boys.

Princess Mary Evelyne tries on her new Belle dress, hand-made by her Uncle Toby. (This photo makes her father have a nervous breakdown thinking about his girl going to prom in 14 years).

Maggie Beth even got her own mini-version of the Belle dress.

The two glamour girls.

Mary Evelyne shows off the pink hairdo she got at the Taste of Marietta.

Mary Evelyne celebrates her 4th with a Martin party.

Mmmmmm.....more cake.

A princess ballet birthday party for Mary E and her friends (she's actually hiding behind the bunny ballerina on the far right).

This party was over the top girly...princess costumes, ballet dancing, craft wands, pink cupcakes, and even fingernail painting...yikes.

Mary Evelyne shows off her form during dress rehearsal for her ballet recital.

No, Y-M-C-A was not part of the routine. (I think that the most beautiful girl with such perfect form ought to be on the front row...don't you?)

That's me getting ready for a 5k at Callaway Gardens (on Mother's Day morning), admiring all the bikes, and thinking that maybe I could handle the Duathlon with Josh and Jen.

Here I am approaching the finish of the 5k, at which point I know that I couldn't handle the Duathlon and feeling sorry for Josh and Jen who have an 18 mile bike ride and another 5k ahead of them. (Not to brag, but I did finish first in my age group...granted, it was me an one other guy...but I smoked him).

Our 18 month old sipping on her juice box and shooting a sassy look.

A photo from the actual recital (hopefully I can upload the full video soon).

Jen and Maggie B wait for the star of the show after the recital.

John Watson and Pops enjoyed the show, too. (By the way, that little spiky cow-lick arrangement on top of his head...it's permanent...it has earned him the nickname Spike)

The Diva and her flowers.

John Watson flashes his good morning grin. (I told you...the spike is permanent).

Bubby is entertained by Sissy. This scene is repeated often, usually ending with us extracting Maggie B off of her brother after she gets too excited and rowdy with him.

Well, that's a brief look at Spring around the White House. Hopefully I'll get some video loaded soon. And there are stories that need to be told as well. Summer doesn't seem like its going to be any slower, so let's cross our fingers that we can make some time to post. Bottom line: God is good all the time, and we are blessed and humbled by His love for us, even if we don't have time to show everyone.

A few more JW pictures

Friday, March 14, 2008

Here are a few more pictures from John Watson's first day:

John Watson meets the original Watson. Grandpa is as proud as they come.

Pops looks over his long, tall boy.

Mary Evelyne gets her first look, and its love at first sight.

Maggie B wants to love on her Bubby.

The big sisters perfrom a thorough inspection.

Mary E finally gets to hold her Bubby.

Maggie B wants a turn.

John Watson cuddles with his Aunt Bussie.

John Watson's first blog spotting

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hey all:
This is just going to be a quick and simple post of some pictures from early this morning when John Watson was born. Some quick stats: he was born at 2:15 am on 3/13/08, weighed in at 9 lb. 5 oz.and 22 1/4 inches long, and as you can see from the pictures has lots of dark brown, almost black hair. Check out the big hands and feet, he's a big ole' boy! And Katie is doing wonderful, and already looking like she never had a 10 pound baby in her tummy.

More details will come later, so stay tuned.