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Nightly Escapades

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yes, you get two blogs tonight....

Mary Evelyne has a nightly ritual. We tuck her in and crack her door and tell her not to leave her room (unless she has to go potty) or we will have to shut her door. Seems pretty straight forward, but she always comes up with one or two "valid" reasons to come out before the final straw. Sometimes we have left an item (shoes, phone, etc.) in her room, which is unacceptable for her. Sometimes she needs a water.

Most nights though she has something she just HAS to tell us. These urgent messages are always hilarious.

Tonight she comes wandering into our room with a small hair rubberband in her hand. She says, "Mommie, this rubberband just hopped onto my water bottle." I said, "Oh it, did? It just hopped on there all by itself?" She said, "Yes, it did" as she began to crack a smile. That put me over the edge and I started laughing and she started laughing and all of my parental strictness for the night went out the door. I'm still waiting for her to walk back out, although so far she is quiet.

A bonus nighttime nugget from Daniel: Last night Daniel did her stories. She told him that her heart was beating. He said "Oh, it is?" She said, "Yes, I think it is little baby Jesus trying to get out."

Fall School Pictures

I'm sure it's highly illegal to publish these, but we just wanted those of you who live far away to be able to see them. And surely we're paying enough for them to justify blogging about them. I must congratulate Daniel on getting the girls to preschool dressed alike with their hair somewhat done and in one piece. I had court that morning, so he did most of the work that morning. He normally doesn't allow much orange in the household, but I convinced him it was more of a "burnt sienna" and that it went with the fall background. I think the photographers underestimated Maggie Beth's "stature" and kept putting her in Mary Evelyne's lap. They must not have realized MB only weighs about 8 lbs less than ME. It was a miracle everyone was not crying.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Rarely do the girls slow down enough at the same time to just "be", but this past Saturday morning they sat together for a few minutes and watched the Disney Channel.

It was our first cool night, so they were both wearing their footies. Yes, they look a little rough, but don't judge a girl first thing in the morning.

Now if only we could start this Saturday morning cartoon thing around 8am instead of about 6:30am. Maggie B had been up a while, so she was ready for some cereal bar after a few minutes.

She can sit up at the counter with us now in her booster seat. She loves eating her finger foods now and loves dropping half of it on the floor for us to pick up.