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Fashion Diva

Sunday, January 27, 2008
From the Sunday, January 27th, 2008 Marietta Daily Journal "Lifestyle" (aka Society column) Section:

"Fashion spotlight of the week: Nothing is prettier than a mother who is expecting. And when this one showed up in a simple black sheath and turned her back, she gave new meaning to "expecting" - the strand of pearls she wore was tied with a beautiful, cream satin ribbon - a little surprise that enhanced the simplistic elegance of the look - Katie White of Marietta."

OK, so I am more than flattered that Mrs. Litchfield decided to make me her fasion spotlight of the week (a weekly tradition here in the Marietta society column). It was very sweet and really made me feel so good in the midst of this third pregnancy in as many years, but Daniel and I seriously could not stop laughing since we know the extent of my "wardrobe" and the events leading up to that fashion appearance that night.

So I am almost 8 months pregnant and I have one nice maternity dress that wore out its welcome around Marietta events over Christmas. So, I had two non-maternity dresses that were stretchy and "sort-of" fit (sort-of used very loosesly here). I actually chose the other one and was getting myself ready while also getting the girls ready to go stay at their Mema's (all moms know what level of chaos I am not fully describing here). I send Daniel down with the girls to get them loaded into the car and notice this dress has a hole, yes a large hole in the side (probably where I had forced the zipper over my belly). So, dress #2 is my only option at this point. This dress was purchased at Ross in Paulding County in 2002 when I had to chaperone the Paulding County Highschool prom. This would be the "sheath" that was described. As for the "pearls", which were purchased several years ago at Target, I almost threw them away last year because I got ink all over them while they were on my dresser and a pen leaked, but I finally threw them in some jewelry cleaner and it mostly came off.

I tried to use the article to convince Daniel that I need a larger wardrobe budget to keep up my appearances in Marietta, but he says apparently my current wardrobe is working just fine. Oh well, keep an eye on me Marietta, today I was in fleece pants and a 1998 AOPi t-shirt.

I guess Mary Evelyne gets her fashion sense from me.


One of Mary Evelyne's wishes all winter was that it would snow. When Christmas came and went without snow she would say "It's just not going to snow this year." She knows by heart the two things you need for snow (at least this is the best Mommie could come up with, probably not meteorlogically correct): rain and cold. So, when we left her babysitters after work that Thursday afternoon and flakes were coming down, she started yelling "my wish came true, my wish came true". The only problem is that Mommie was about 7 1/2 months pregnant and baby sister has just learned to walk, not a good combo for playing in the wet snow. So, Daddy came home and saved the day and played in the snow. But, Mary Evelyne's sweats didn't hold up too well making snow angels and throwing snow balls (notice the change in clothes that night). We due to get another dose on Saturday and Daniel was absolutely insistent that she have a waterproof coat, gloves and snow boots. We got home from something Friday night around 9pm and he went back out to Target and returned with the most hideous maroon boots for $4.88. He was hilarious and meant that his girl would be ready for the snow, even if she only needed the coat and boots for that one day. Here's some pics of their fun in the snow. Unfortunately, she insisted on knocking the snow woman down before they came in, so she was short-lived.

Christmas in January

Wednesday, January 23, 2008
We are a month late getting our holiday photos and memories up on the blog, but we got a new computer and have finally gotten all the pics transferred over. Here's a smorgasbord (?) of White Family Christmas.

Us girls got matching PJs to wear on the Polar Express (see below).

The Whites all went up to North Carolina to the Hemlock Inn the weekend before Christmas to get away and ride the Polar Express to the "north pole". We all wore our PJs (yes, even Daniel), had hot chocolate, met Santa and got a special bell like in the movie. It was special to Daniel to take the girls to the Hemlock Inn because he grew up going there. I was a little skeptical because there are no TVs, playgrounds, etc. but the girls did great and had some good old fashioned fun running around, playing shuffleboard, and, oh yes, watching Cinderella on the portable DVD player. Daniel's parents have 8 grandchildren, Thomas who is 18 being the only boy, so all the girls had fun together. They serve the meals family style and it was good stuff.

We got back and did Christmas with my family Christmas Eve and with Daniel's family Christmas Day. I think we were done with Santa by 7am Christmas morning. We (Maggie Beth) start things early around here.

We also celebrated Uncle Joshy and Pops birthdays before Christmas at the Cheesecake Factory. If there were ever any doubt that our girls look like their grandparents, check this out...Mary Evelyne and Mama and Maggie Beth and Pops.